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About Qtok

Qtok is an interpreter app which gives you access to a live translation service right in your pocket. We call our interpreters Qtokers, and they make it possible for you to communicate with everyone. As it is a person doing the translating, you will get a full understanding of context, intonation, and nuance. In other words, the quality of Qtok is far superior to automatic interpreter services. Get the app for free now.


You need a translation service
Access a Qtoker to be your interpreter
Have your conversation


Qtokers (interpreters) are available 24/7. Choose by language, rating, and price.
You pick the translator and agree the price. It can even be free!
Specialist translators are available. Find translators with experience translating in medical, legal, and financial situations.
Communicate by voice, instant messaging, and video. Send files and pictures.

Professional and Affordable Interpreter Services with Real Translators

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The Qtok Difference

Why use Qtok instead of software driven, automatic translation services? Here’s why:
Qtok interpreters understand accents, slang, humour, and context.
You will get real help with the situation including analysis and problem solving.
Prices are affordable, and you might even get some translations for free

Benefits of Qtok

Communicate confidently in any country. Translate English to Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, Italian, and more, and/or translate them all to English and other languages.
Communicate effectively in stressful and potentially confusing conditions such as medical emergencies or legal situations.
Suitable for business and personal use.
Can be used anywhere - all you need is your phone. Interpreters are available in more than 35 different languages.
Affordable pricing with free translation sessions also available.

As Simple as 1 2 3

Choose an interpreter
Explain what you need
Get your translation and leave a rating

Some Ways Our Customers Use Qtok

Dealing With Legal Issues
Qtok helps when dealing with consulates, immigration officials, police departments, police officers, or legal representatives. It also helps with completing paperwork in these situations.
Medical Situations
Scheduling medical appointments and dealing with doctors, nurses, and administration staff is easier with Qtok.
While Traveling
Whether traveling for business or pleasure, Qtok helps when dealing with hotel staff, waiting staff, and tour operators. It can also be helpful at shops, on public transport, and at tourist attractions.

How Qtok Works

Open Qtok translation app. Check your shortlist of Qtokers and select the one who is the best fit. You can then start the translation immediately, or you can discuss the details of what you need. This part of the discussion is not-chargeable. Once you are both ready, the paid translation service will begin at the click of a button.
If you need a translation later – you can make an order for translation. Mark the time or any other value parameters for your further translation.
You can make the Quick order. Check the bids from Qtokers (interpreters). You will see the interpreter’s price, rating, and country of residence. Choose the one you like and get your translation.
Complete the translations you need. Evaluate and give feedback on the Qtoker to help other users.
You can also leave tips, if you are highly satisfied with the translation.


I'm unsatisfied with the translation service I received, but I have already paid the translator. What now?
You are responsible for hiring the Qtoker so you should take reasonable steps to ensure the person can complete the project satisfactorily. This includes checking their experience and Qtoker rating. If you are unhappy with the translator service you are given, you can end it at any time.
Whether I need to pay for international roaming while I’m using Qtok app?
You call the translator via the internet connection. All you need to have the Internet connection on your mobile phone with WiFi, 4G (LTE) or 3G.
When does the clock start ticking on a paid session?
Your session starts as soon as you start a discussion with a Qtoker, but discussions with the interpreter to agree the details and any other issues are free. When the interpreter service starts you should tap the Paid Session button or accept an invitation to a paid session from your Qtoker. This records the length of the Paid Session. Your translation might also be free, if the interpreter agrees to such an arrangement.
What if I need an urgent translation, and there are no translators available?
The number of Qtokers available to provide you with an interpreter service is growing, so this sort of situation is increasingly rare. However, the best way to use our translation app, particularly if you need a specialist interpreter, is to book in advance.
Do you have other questions?

Qtok Feedback

"I rent an apartment and people come from different countries. Not everybody speaks German or English. Now, with the Qtok interpreter app, my wife and I have no problems communicating with lodgers."
I.Pfeifer, Baden-Baden, Germany
"I used the Qtok translator app when I travelled to Austria to the thermal resorts. My son suggested that I download it so I could feel confident abroad. I have downloaded it, and understood how it works, even though I am not an expert in gadgets. It was not a special medical tour, but just an independent trip. I speak a little bit of English, but as it turned out, in Salzburg, it is hard to get around without German. I befriended a wonderful girl, Anna, and she helped me all the time. She translated a visit to the doctor and his prescription. Thanks to Anna, I saw many interesting places - she even suggested the best transport to help me get around. It is great that the translators reply quickly and can clearly understand your needs."
Maria Merida, Toledo, Spain

Become A Qtoker

Do you want to become a Qtoker?
Do you speak several languages?
Do you like being friendly and helpful?

Becoming a Qtoker is Easy

Download the translator app Qtok
Select the role of Qtoker in your account
Create an account and confirm your email address
If you are already a USER of Qtok, please go to your Profile, choose the Qtoker role and register there as a Qtoker by adding all nessesary information.

Making Money Offering a Qtok Translator Service

You can get orders when a user creates a Quick Order and selects you, or by searching for Orders yourself. Quick Orders are where users need translators immediately and the other Orders are scheduled on a particular date and time.
Agree a paid session with a user. You can also send paid session requests.
The timer on the paid session starts as soon as the user agrees.
You can check your earnings during the session using the automatic counter.
Withdraw the money you've earned to your PayPal account. The minimum withdrawal is 50 euros.
Work whenever you want for as long as you want.
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Qtok Translator Service

Tips for Qtoker Success

Reply to orders promptly and do a fantastic job to get higher ratings.
Offer free translations to complete more orders and get more reviews.
Review our Qtoker presentation for success stories, tips, and advice.

Qtoker FAQs

How are the payments transferred to a Qtoker?
Payments will be automatically transferred to your Qtok account during the paid session. Fees will be automatically discounted from the account of the user and transferred into the account of the Qtoker. To transfer the money to your checking account*.
or PayPal account, it is necessary to fill in your payment information in your personal account on our website. You must collect at least 50 euros on your account to make a request to transfer the money to your bank account. You can directly request this to our tech support team or you can ask for an automatic transfer of your earnings at the end of every month.
* Transactions fees to the checking account will be covered by the Qtoker.
How to increase my rating?
Your rating is based on the feedback given by users that have worked with you. You can remind your clients of the importance of their evaluation by asking them to write a small review after a session.
Do I have to be online at all times?
No, you don't. One of the advantages of Qtok is that we give you the opportunity to independently plan your schedule and the volume of work you take. You will have to be in touch only in two cases:
  1. If you have responded to a Quick Order,
  2. If you have scheduled a session with a client at a specific time.
How do I bid for an order?
Once your profile is complete you can start bidding for orders relevant to you. For example, if you offer Spanish to English translation services, you will see orders from clients looking for a Spanish translation. You pick the ones to bid for. Make sure you include as much detail as possible when responding to orders. For example, if you have medical knowledge or a particular qualification, include that information. The client reviews the bids received before choosing a translator. If this is you, the client will make contact through the app by message, chat session, or voice call. You will increase your chances of successfully winning orders by having a high rating and lots of positive feedback.
Can I get paid using my PayPal account?
Yes, we transfer money to PayPal accounts, although you should check PayPal's terms and conditions in your country.
How to accept an order and contact the customer?
Swipe the order line and press "Accept". The client will receive your contact information and contact you himself.
Where do I enter my promo code?
Once you switch to Qtoker mode in the Qtok translator app, you will see our terms and conditions. You will see the field to enter your promo code once you read and agree to the terms.
I forgot to enter my promo code. What now?
If you forget to use a promo code when registering you will need to register again using a different email address.